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BrokerLink “No Surprises”

Integrated TV, Radio, and Web Marketing Campaign Complete with Falling Satellites and UFOs

For BrokerLink’s 2015 campaign we decided to give the term “unexpected disaster” a whole new meaning by visualizing out-of-this-world mishaps. Granted, they may be pretty unlikely, but we aimed to prompt car and home owners to make sure they have the right coverage for the right reasons.


When it comes to insurance coverage, no one likes surprises. This includes bearded suburbanites enjoying their morning coffee in their favourite bathrobe. In these spots for BrokerLink, said suburbanite’s SUV is crushed by falling space debris, a decrepit satellite and even a rogue UFO. Can you tell if he’s covered?

The spots are an amusing reminder for car owners to cover themselves from unexpected disasters by having the right insurance. The spots communicate to consumers the importance of understanding what their insurance policy covers with supportive voice-over messaging at the end. The campaign also included OOH, digital and radio to expand BrokerLink’s reach across Canada.