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Trigger Labs “QuickQueue”

A mobile app that saves customers’ time

Oil changes can be a major inconvenience. Especially when drivers face long lineups and excessive wait times. So when Minit Lube came to us looking for a way to increase (and retain) customers, we created QuickQueue – an innovative app that saves customers’ time by routing them to the nearest location with the quickest availability.

The project was initially slated to be a quick rebrand. But after examining Minit Lube’s business at a deeper level, we soon realized the problem wasn’t a matter of customer perception – it was a matter of customer experience.

When people needed an oil change, they didn’t want to wait. If they experienced lineups at Minit Lube, they would often bypass it and go to a competitor’s shop instead. Worse yet, Minit Lube had other locations (with no wait times and underutilized technicians) nearby. But how could we inform customers and route them accordingly?

Our solution was a powerful app that seamlessly integrated each of Minit Lube’s locations’ POS systems and informed customers of wait times at each location in real time. This product innovation saved customers’ time and helped Minit Lube maximize location utilization, car count and profitability.