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Trigger Labs “Monster Playground”

A Parallax Halloween Children's Story

A freak of nature is born. Written in parallax and optimized for true horror on Google Chrome, Monster Playground was a children’s story turned digital, just in time for Halloween.

The idea started as a children’s story. But before long, we were reimagining how we could tell it in a frightfully (and delightfully) different way. What if the story was told through technology? What if it was interactive? What if we hid pop-culture treats throughout the story for users to find?

Our experiment was a feat of both technology and unconventional thinking. Instead of using parallax scrolling because it was trendy, we used it to tell a story. Instead of scrolling vertically (as all parallax did at the time), we scrolled horizontally. And instead of being told we couldn’t pull it off, we rallied together and figured it out. The result? One freakishly cool creation …

In the two weeks between its launch and Halloween, the site received over 11,000 visitors and reached 32,000 people across social media. It was also voted to the front of Reddit’s “Internet is Beautiful” page.