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Imperial Oil “National Oil Change Promotion”

Integrated web marketing, onsite activation, and contest website development

A big insight is like a fossil that needs to be excavated. To excavate that insight, you need the right tools. In the case of Mobil 1TM, that tool was a microsite we built to survey and collect data on over 4,000 oil-change consumers.

It revealed that a whopping 43% of Canadians rely on their technicians’ recommendations when choosing an engine oil. Which meant if we wanted consumers to make the switch to Mobil 1, our marketing efforts had to make a switch too – we had to win the technicians’ recommendations. So we created an innovative rewards program. Not only did the program reward technicians (with points they could redeem online) for switching customers to Mobil 1, but it also rewarded customers with on-the-spot savings. Soon enough, everyone was making the switch!