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Calgary Zoo “Instagram Annual Report”

The World's First

Generally speaking, annual reports are beautiful physical publications that on one hand deliver information, and on the other typically end up harming the environment with their page count. Changing the status quo meant moving away from traditional methods of execution, all the while staying within the confines of tight budgeting. The result included utilization of Instagram as a platform to deliver vital information typically found in an AR.

Annual reports can be lengthy tomes, and not exactly environmentally friendly. So what do you do when a conservation-led client like the Calgary Zoo briefs you on its AR? You take their cause a step further and create one to be published on Instagram. The idea came from a creative insight that along with a zoo record of 1.457 million visitors in 2012 came a record number of images on Instagram tagged #calgaryzoo. Our audience was using the channel – why shouldn’t we?

The paperless solution generated hundreds of thousands of impressions online and mass media coverage, and definitely saved a few trees along the way. A number of blogs also picked up the hype dubbing the project the “world’s first Instagram annual report.” We can’t complain.