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Alberta Health Services

Teaching Sexual Health

How do you get parents talking to their kids about sex? You reinforce the importance of proper education and arm them with tools and resources to spark conversations.

The Challenge
AHS had a website with tools and resources to help parents talk to their kids about sex. The only problem was that Albertan parents weren’t using it. We had to find a way to put the importance of talking about sex on parents’ radar, drive them to the site and, most importantly, get them talking.

The Solution
We created a campaign that asked parents to consider where their kids might be getting information about sex. Each execution suggested a questionable source and reinforced the need for open and honest communication. To spread the message, we employed innovative media tactics to reach parents across Alberta and drive them to the Teaching Sexual Health website.

Tactics Employed

  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Behavioural-targeted digital display ads
  • Geo-fenced mobile ads (around schools at pick-up and drop-off times)
  • App detect ads (targeted to users with parenting apps)
  • Responsive landing pages and A/B testing
  • Digital & social retargeting ads for unconverted traffic

The Results
The campaign resonated with parents, driving a 4,952% increase in web traffic with a 19.3% conversion rate on the website. Goal completions such as downloading AHS parent packages were over 3X the benchmark target.