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Alberta Health Services “Immunize Alberta”

Integrated and inbound web marketing for Alberta Health Services

False myths and rumours can be troublesome, especially in the realm of healthcare. Our challenge on this Alberta Health Services project involved dispelling myths and getting correct information out regarding immunization. Our solution involved a combination of tactics such as contrasting facts with fiction as well as an educational approach to tackle frequently asked questions pertaining to immunization.

With the immunization debate intensifying, the internet was overrun with misinformation surrounding vaccine safety and side effects. Alberta Health Services wanted to set the record straight and we were more than willing to help. We created an educational online platform that provided parents with unbiased answers to their questions about immunization. Then, we hijacked the online conversation by triggering ads at the top of search results that gave people answers when they searched things like, “are vaccines safe?” And, to top it all off, we ran outdoor executions that provided a grave reminder of what life was like before immunization.

This campaign not only raised awareness about misinformation, but also served as a vehicle to deliver correct information pertaining to immunization.