Trigger Regulatory Reporting Services

For over a quarter of a century, Trigger has been a trusted regulatory reporting partner to mutual fund companies. We provide expertise in annual and interim reporting of financial statements and MRFPs, prospectuses and AIFs, and fund facts.

Smarter. Faster. Accurate.

  • Trusted by leading financial institutions
  • Configurable technology
  • Scalable for growth of assets under management

Designed to help eliminate the costly and complex challenges of regulatory reporting.

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Trigger Regulatory Reporting Services value proposition

Our managed service delivers:

Customized service

Access to knowledgeable experts

Configurable technology

Predictable costs

Trigger’s business principles

  • Risk mitigation
  • Exceptional service
  • Aligned values
  • Long-term partnerships

Here’s how we do it

We have an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced team. We combine its expertise with our industry-leading technology to deliver the most efficient and reliable reporting solution for your business.


Our most valuable asset, a dedicated team of business managers, technologists, graphic designers and proofreaders who know regulatory reporting inside out.


Our holistic, end-to-end process is informed and honed by 25 years of experience working with leading financial institutions.


Our powerful, automated software solution that we have developed is customizable to your business’s reporting needs.

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