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Hello, Inter Pipeline!

It was great meeting with your team, below are a few examples of our work that we thought you’d appreciate.

You can also download a copy of the deck we shared in the meeting here.

Imperial Oil – Mobil 1 5x Further Videos

A series of short, playful videos created to highlight the core benefit of Mobil 1’s Extended Performance synthetic motor oil: 25,000 KM between oil changes.

Calgary Zoo – The World’s First Instagram Annual Report

The topic of annual reports came up when we met. We’ve done hundreds of them over the years, but the one that we are most proud of is the one that never got printed 🙂

Tommy Gun’s XY Magazine

The team at Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop asked if we could make them a catalogue. As the steward’s of Tommy Gun’s brand, we intuitively knew that their audience would never pick up a catalogue unless it was filled with awesome, manly lifestyle tips and great fashion advice. Thus was born, The XY. Read the whole publication here

CNOOC – We Are CNOOC Brand Launch

Sadly, 2019 marked the end of the line for the brand Nexen Energy – a brand that we lovingly helped create so many years ago. But the Nexen spirit lives on under the banner of its parent company, Nexen International. Here are a few announcement ads we developed for that rebrand.

Hearing Loss Clinic – Website Design & Build

The Hearing Loss Clinic boasts 10+ clinics throughout Alberta & BC. In a crowded category filled with dismissible stock images of “cotton-topped seniors”, The Hearing Loss Clinic is a decidedly more youthful, aspirational lifestyle-focused brand, intent on de-stigmatizing hearing loss. We pretty much did everything you see on this site, from SEO to video production to design and development. Click here to view the site.

Thanks for having a peek at our work! Feel free to poke around the rest of our site.